Our Work


Our goal is to make you feel better so you could achieve that something you are looking for. That could mean your promotion, to succeed in your job interview or with your new client. That you feel confortable about yourself.

If you feel confident with the way you look, people will notice and would like to be around you. You'll look trustworthy, competent, in control. 

We want your Appearance, Behaviour and the way you Communicate convey a positive and professional image. 

Let's work together.


Identify the colors, silhouettes, fabrics and patterns that best suit you based on your pshisical atributes, personality and style. 

CLOSET analysis

You dont need to spend more money, rediscover your own closet. Now that you know your best colors, sihouettes, textures and patterns, you will see there is so much already there.


Are you a busy person? Don't have time for shopping?. Dont worry, we can help. Would you like to arrive where someone is waiting for you and all your clothes are already hand picked? Have a snack while trying things on. No lines, no rush. You arrive, choose and leave. That Simple. 


Are you getting married? Awesome! Let's go and find the perfect dress for your special day.