During this session we will discover your best color palette so from then on, you will know the colors that make you look healthy, vital and younger.  

We will discuss the messages and meaning of colors according to your goals. 

After that, we are going to analyse your phisical characteristics in order to determine which scale, patterns, texture and necklines are better for you. Knowing your body shape, will show us which garments, silhouettes and fit is right for your size. Don't panic, whatever it is, it will work! Promise that. 

In the end, we will go through the different types of style, so we can identify yours and give you some other options and tips to achieve the look. 

We will analyse your lifestyle and how to build a wardrobe. See what´s missing and how to budget. 


Benefits of this session

You will look better so you will feel better

You will gain self-confidence

You will know your best colors, styles and silhouettes

You will begin to make smart choices inmediately

You will save money and time during shopping