Confident Closet borns when Luciana, its owner, came to New York and got carried away by her passion, fashion. 

It is said that when you feels good inside that is reflect on the outside. However, sometimes this happens the other way around. From outside to inside. Changing the way you look changes the image you project and that impacts the way you present to others. 

Confident Closet will help you go further, to be the best you can be. The most important is to remain true to yourself, but in your best version. 


Luciana knows better than anyone the impact our image has on others. Her personal situation and her need to fit in a new culture show her that success is closely related to the image a person projects.

Formed as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked with Carol Davidson, a very well known Image Consultant from New York. She also assisted very important events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Thanks Giving Macy's Parade. Her background in Finance in New York and as a Lawyer in Argentina, gives her the inside knowing of the Corporative Environment.  

That is what CONFIDENT CLOSET is about. Working with your CLOSET will make you gain CONFIDENCE. 

Let's start today.